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Top Planning Application Tips

If you've decided to make some home improvements that need planning permission, you'd be right to think that the planning process can be long, stressful and unpredictable - particularly if you haven't been through the process before. But don't worry our blog is on hand with some top planning application tips!

Tip number one is to build rapport with the planning department involved. When processing a planning app, your goal is to make it as simple and appealing as possible for planners to say yes, and so if you use an architect with good communication skills, they can start a dialogue with planners sooner rather than later, which will save time further down the line.

Another important thing you can do is talk to neighbours, planners and any other involved parties prior to submitting the planning application. If, for example, your extension may block light to a neighbour's garden, then they may object, so if you and/or your architect speak to them before the application process begins you can often find a compromise.

If someone does object (despite your best efforts) then all is not lost! Objections don't automatically mean a refusal, and the planning department will always consider what can and cannot be classed as an improvement , not just the fact an objection has been made.

You should always try and avoid refusals where possible as declined applications can serve as a 'black mark' against the property, meaning any future applications may be affected, so if you're finding you are hitting serious problems with your application, then your architect will often suggest withdrawing and starting afresh, or modifying your proposal.

And one final point from one of our Directors Sean, 'Don't forget that planning permission isn't always needed for improvements: Permitted Developments such as outbuildings, limited extensions and internal changes are one way of bypassing the planning process altogether.'

So bear this in mind and check with your architect if your proposed improvement falls into this category.

Our team of architects can help with everything from planning applications, to design and more, and are friendly and approachable, so why not get in touch.


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