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Green Roofs

The UK government launched the green infrastructure partnership at the beginning of the month; their aim is to create more green space within towns and cities. This partnership has no financial backing from the government but it does have the support from influential groups like the 'Landscape Institute'.

One of the most popular features in European cities is green roofs which are a great use of space to create something so beneficial. However, green roofs have had a slow uptake in the UK for a number of reasons including the fact that the benefits of these roofs weren't properly understood and there have been some cases where planning permission has not been granted due to assumptions that they may create more noise or overlook neighbours properties. This new partnership should help to overcome some of these issues.

This partnership will make a difference to the quality of everyday life for people living within cities as it will give them access to gardens, meadows and even allotments. As well as having environmental benefits green roofs also have financial benefits including providing insulation and increasing the value of a property.

There are three different green roof categories: intensive, semi-intensive and extensive. Intensive green roofs require a lot of maintenance so are very labour intensive whereas extensive roofs are the complete opposite and perfect for people who have busy working lives.

If a green roof is something that you'd be interested in then contact McCormick for advice on planning applications to help you get started.

Green Roofs

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